FCMeasurement(ID[, datafile, readdata, …]) A class for holding flow cytometry data from a single well or a single tube.
FCMeasurement.apply(func[, applyto, …]) Apply func either to self or to associated data.
FCMeasurement.plot(channel_names[, kind, …]) Plot the flow cytometry data associated with the sample on the current axis.
FCMeasurement.transform(transform[, …]) Applies a transformation to the specified channels.
FCMeasurement.gate(gate[, apply_now]) Apply given gate and return new gated sample (with assigned data).
FCMeasurement.counts Returns total number of events.
FCMeasurement.get_data(**kwargs) Get the measurement data.
FCMeasurement.view_interactively([backend]) Loads the current sample in a graphical interface for drawing gates.
FCMeasurement.channel_names A tuple containing the channel names.
FCMeasurement.channels A DataFrame containing complete channel information
FCMeasurement.subsample(key[, order, …]) Allows arbitrary slicing (subsampling) of the data.


FCOrderedCollection(ID, measurements, …[, …]) A dict-like class for holding flow cytometry samples that are arranged in a matrix.
FCPlate alias of FlowCytometryTools.core.containers.FCOrderedCollection
FCPlate.from_files(ID, datafiles[, parser, …]) Create an OrderedCollection of measurements from a set of data files.
FCPlate.from_dir(ID, path[, parser, …]) Create a Collection of measurements from data files contained in a directory.
FCPlate.apply(func[, ids, applyto, …]) Apply func to each of the specified measurements.
FCPlate.plot(channel_names[, kind, gates, …]) Produces a grid plot with each subplot corresponding to the data at the given position.
FCPlate.transform(transform[, direction, …]) Apply transform to each Measurement in the Collection.
FCPlate.gate(gate[, ID, apply_now]) Applies the gate to each Measurement in the Collection, returning a new Collection with gated data.
FCPlate.counts([ids, setdata, output_format]) Return the counts in each of the specified measurements.
FCPlate.dropna() Remove rows and cols that have no assigned measurements.
FCPlate.subsample(key[, order, auto_resize, ID]) Allows arbitrary slicing (subsampling) of the data.


ThresholdGate(threshold, channel, region[, name])
IntervalGate(vert, channel, region[, name])
QuadGate(vert, channels, region[, name])
PolyGate(vert, channels[, region, name])
FlowCytometryTools.core.gates.CompositeGate(…) Defines a composite gate that is generated by the logical addition of one or more gates.


FlowCytometryTools.core.transforms.linear(x, …) Rescale each channel to the new range as following:
FlowCytometryTools.core.transforms.hlog(x[, …]) Base 10 hyperlog transform.
FlowCytometryTools.core.transforms.tlog(x[, …]) Truncated log10 transform.